What is 123?

So what does it mean to Live Life 1-2-3?

Live Life 1-2-3 is a commitment to create a GOD-HONOURING FUTURE by investing in intentional, accountable, disciple-making relationships.

What does the '1' stand for?

Invite ONE person to be your guide. Someone you’re learning from. Someone who can help and challenge you to become everything that God created you to be. You could you call them a mentor, coach, discipler or spiritual director - the point is you're committed to LEARN from them because they're further ahead in their faith journey.

What does the '2' stand for?

Ask TWO people to be your ‘running mates’? People who you share your life with; being open about your real struggles; your inner and secret life. These are mutually-accountable, challenging, real relationships. These are people you do LIFE with.

What does the '3' stand for?

Find THREE other people that you will pass on the baton of faith - equipping them to become all that God created them to be, living like Jesus in the world. You're committed to LEAD these people, helping them embrace their destiny in God.

Who's involved with this?

Live Life 1-2-3 is being led by Urban Saints (www.urbansaints.org) in partnership with a growing number of other organisations including OneLife (www.onelifeonline.org.uk), Serious4God (www.serious4god.co.uk), Share Jesus International (www.sharejesusinternational.com), Hope Revolution (www.hope-revolution.com) and ALOVE (www2.salvationarmy.org.uk/alove).

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